Our PEACE Process

At Brightview Financial, we believe that a professional, steadfast, and comprehensive approach to your financial plan and investment management brings peace of mind. Through our PEACE process, we follow a clear path to help you prioritize your goals, build and implement a financial strategy, and make way for you to enjoy your success.






Define what success means to you. 



Establish your goals, dreams, and priorities.



Understand your options, tradeoffs, and possibilities.



Commit to and prioritize changes and actions to focus on.



Enjoy peace of mind that you are on the right path. 

PRIORITIZE your goals

Together, we collaborate to define what success means to you, establish your values, and define your top financial priorities. We’ll also talk about what concerns you have, and how they can be addressed through your financial plan.

ESTABLISH and Understand Your Current Situation

The best way to make financial progress is to know where you currently stand. We’ll dig into the details of your specific circumstances in the context of your long-term financial goals and priorities. We gather all the data needed to evaluate your unique circumstances. We’ll discuss your goals and expectations around investing and assess your comfort level with stock market fluctuations.

ASSESS What’s Possible

Knowing your goals, and what your current financial life looks like, we’ll analyze your options and then develop your plan. Understanding the tradeoffs and possibilities available to you helps to clarify next steps. We’ll also develop an investment policy statement and portfolio recommendations based on your unique needs.

COMMIT to Actions

Once your plan is ready, we’ll meet to review findings, recommended actions, and investment recommendations. Together we’ll decide on an implementation plan and commit to your strategy.

ENJOY Your Success

Your final step in the PEACE process is to enjoy your financial life! The peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re on a path to achieve your goals, and feeling secure in your decisions, is irreplaceable. We’ll continue to implement your strategy and take time regularly to reassess your goals and plan as life changes.