We help tech professionals navigate complex financial decisions.
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Who We Are

At Brightview Financial, our mission is to help you identify your financial (and life) goals, and navigate the complex financial decisions you’re facing so that you can start living your brightest life. Too often, people working in the tech industry are weighed down by the day-to-day financial decisions they face. From making a plan for stock options to building tax-efficient investing strategies to deciding when you want to make big life decisions — like buying a house or starting a company — you’re dealing with unique challenges that make it tough to prioritize your goals. We are passionate about helping our clients see the big picture and step out of the stress of the daily financial decisions that come with being a tech professional. We want to help you identify your goals, create a financial plan that serves your unique lifestyle, and guide you on the path to your brightest life.


Who We Work With

We work with individuals and families who work in the tech space. Many of our clients are California-based, but we also work virtually with clients across the country. Our clients are tech professionals like you who want to gain clarity around their financial goals and take the stress out of managing their money. Like them, you know you want to take care of your more immediate financial needs – like saving for retirement or planning for your children’s college education – and you also want to have a long-term plan for living a life you love. Our clients are passionate people with a wide range of interests, from charitable giving to traveling the world to personal passions like photography, music, or hiking. Tech is a big part of your life, but it’s definitely not the only thing motivating you to organize a financial plan!


What We Do

We take a collaborative, client-centered approach to financial planning. We believe that we achieve your brightest life through ongoing communication and prioritizing your goals — even if they grow and change over time. At Brightview, we believe that financial planning is about you, your unique goals, and the steps you’ll take that will bring you a life you love. 

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